Minstematrosen har ordet

Her kommer jeg til å skrive litt om mine opplevelser i middelhavet sammen med Pappa og Åse. Skoleoppgaver jeg syntes var morsomme legger jeg også ut.

Skriv en historie ut fra dette bildet.

All the way back. By Victor kolkin 2023 19 January (Skole oppg)

Lets introduce you to our characters!

James Jerkingson is a man whom you should not take with a grain of salt. He demands attention at his job and fires anyone who dare criticize him which is why his name is Jerkingson.

James wife Karen fits James better than a screaming soccer mom whom looks after the manager.

Tommit and Jenny is the cousins of the Jerkingsons. They are generally nice people, however say anything bad about British-biscuits and they will force an iron pole straight up where the sun does not shine.

23th. Juni 2017: The Jerkingsons had heard from Swedish people that Swedish nature was beautiful so they invited their cousins on a road trip to Sweden.

Day 1

«Have you all packed your shit and been to the toilet?» asked James.

«Yes I have!» said Karen just like a cadet talking to the general.

«Yes we have packed and we have gone to the restroom.» answered Tommit and Jenny in synchronization.

«Alright get in the car and let’s get moving.» said James.

1 hour later…

«Hey James i need to go to the wc, could you stop at the gas station.» asked Jenny.

«Again?!? You spent 37 minutes in the restroom at home! Just hold in!» said James in a fury.

23 minutes later…

When they were driving thru a camping ground to get to a popular forest they saw something horrifying!

They saw sunburned swedes with ale stomachs jumping around a big flowery cross.

James pressed hard on the brakes.

«WHAT THE ACTUAL F#&K IS THIS?!» said James with horrific shock.

«IS THIS SOME SORT OF SATANIC RITUAL!?!» said Karen in shock.

«I think this is what the swedes call “midsommar”» said Tommit calmly.

said James and he did a 180 degree turn with his car and started driving to the airport.

Then he booked a direct flight straight to Egypt and stayed there for the rest of his life.

The End.

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