Minstematrosen har ordet

Her kommer jeg til å fortelle om min seiltur i middelhavet sammen med Pappa og Åse i seilbåten som heter Sothis.

2 September 2022 Vonitsa, Greece

English homework : Tell a story about a picture sent to you.

The picture

Plane Zoo

There was once a African giraffe that wanted to move to Norway because the increasing temperature of Africa was getting too high.

The giraffe wandered around the savanna looking for the closest human civilization, but he only found a elephant trying to hide inside a little bush. The elephant was way too big for the bush and he crushed it.

“Uh what are you trying to do?” Asked the giraffe.

“I’m trying to hide from the sun, idiot!” Said the elephant with an annoyed tone in his voice.

“HEY don’t call me an idiot! You are trying to hide in a bush that is smaller than your toenail!” Said the giraffe.

The elephant tries to find a comeback reply, but fails.

“Ok then what are you doing wandering around the savanna for?” Said the elephant.

“I’m want to move to Norway by walking to the closest airport.” Said the giraffe.

“Hey can I join? I’d like to be somewhere colder too!” Said the elephant.

“Sure but only if you carry me cause my thin legs are making me tired” Said the giraffe.

“Sure I can do that!” Said the elephant.

Then they were on their way to the airport.

In The Airport – Security Control

Security officer: “So do you nice gentlemen have any luggage?”

Two suspiciously dressed figures: “Nope sorry Sir”

Security officer: “Hmm ok, would you mind going through the metal detector?”

The Two figures: “Sure we can do that!”

Security officer: “Ok everything is good to go!”

The Two figures: “Ok let’s go!”

The two men take off their disguises, it turns out it was the giraffe and the elephant all along!

Giraffe: “I actually didn’t think that would work!!”

Elephant: “Me too they didn’t even notice!!”

Giraffe: “Now there is nothing stopping us to fly to Norway!”

Elephant: “Let’s go then!”

The elephant and the giraffe to live their lives in the cold climates of Norway.

The End!

18 Mai 2022 – Crotone – Italia

We have been sailing around Italy, Sicily and slowly making our way to Greece but we are currently in a place called Crotone. We will stay here for a bit because our boat is on land getting some bottom paint and motor repairs.

Sailing Italy

I have gathered info on Crotone for an example it was a Greek colony, and it has about 65000 in population. They also have a castle here that was owned by Charles V, apparently he’s a holy Roman Emperor.

Typical foods in Crotone is Sardella and Cavatelli. Sardella is known as the Calabrian caviar based on whitebait sauce and spiced with a red pepper which is grinded into powder.

Cavatelli is spaghetti with sauces on top, about the topic of fish we were in a restaurant with Carpe ventum and El Capitan got fish on his plate again and he was not happy!

17 Mars 2022 – Marina di Ragusa, Italia


Memories are quite weird, they are good and they can be bad. A cool thing is when somebody else has the same experience that you have had but remembers things totally different.

I have decided to recreate my old home in Sweden. I have used many houses with Roblox studio for all the programming, and LumaFusion for the video caption at the end.

I will have different memories for those pictures I show. It is basically telling who ever reads this how my memories were, so I hope you enjoy.

Apartment Layout

I am quite surprised that I have so many memories from the kitchen, but of course that is where my parents were the most, so I guess that makes sense.

The kitchen

One of the most vibrant memories I have from the kitchen is the metal chicken we had on the top of a shelf. I do neither know why I remember it so well, maybe it was just something I thought was cool.

Metal chicken 🐔

Åse also has a special memory from the kitchen. There was a cutting board that you could slide in and out. It was in the exact same height as my head and she was so scared that I was going to hit my head on it when I ran around.

Cutting board beside the oven and the spices

She also had her own collection of spices on the top of the stove. I do not remember what the spices was but I’m honestly not surprised if it is some sort of exotic spice that nobody have heard of in their entire life.

When my father and I came to Sweden late afternoon, after a long drive and we were starving. We often went to the pizzeria Strømstjerne and order out our favorite pizza. Nowadays she mostly refuses to get close to a Subway and she insists that she has some leftovers in the fridge.

I remember when I had a cold, Åse used to make her “miracle cure”. I have tasted it many times back then, and I can say with no doubt that it did not taste good.

The glass dining table with pizza leftovers

My bedroom

My bedroom was quite colorful and there was many toys, just as you would expect from someone’s childhood bedroom. No wonder my father was half blind when he came into my overly colorful bedroom.

My bedroom

Usually when I went to bed Åse or father used to read a classic book, but i especially remember one book. I hated the book and I hated it for a good reason.

It was a biology book and I hated it because every time they tried to read it to me, I started to feel sick of some weird reason, it may have been the chapter on bacteria, maybe I needed to go to the doctor.


In my bedroom I had a table that was meant for a pc, but I used it to put my legos on it. I also had a lego plane that was given to me for my birthday when I was traveling in the canals in Europe. I ate so much cake that day, I almost throw up.

To give a little bit of backstory, I don’t really handle any kind of cream that well, and that cake had lots of it. Then I slept on the sofa and I let my father build the plane for me, I guess that is another way of saying that I am lazy.

Another memory I have is that there was a Lego volcano that I had built with my father, I remember sitting on the rainbow carpet and playing with it for hours.

The Living Room

I usually ran down the corridors and stuff with that Lego plane and I landed it in the living room and I would sit there and play with that a bit then start running around again, then after running around I would start playing with something else.

I also remember sitting in front of the TV and waiting for that icon to hit one of the corners of the tv screen, I do not know why I wanted it to hit one of the corners but it was just another weird hobby I guess.

I remember asking Åse about the thing she had on the top of the drawers, She had a red wooden box of some sort and a box with a pair of tiny golden shoes. It was quite a weird collection of things she had but of course it is better than having a collection of shoes.

Åse and Fathers bedroom

When I was in their bedroom I usually played with a weird lamp that was hanging from the roof, still I don’t know why that was fun but at least it didn’t fall onto my head just like what happened with Isaac Newton and the apple.

I was fascinated by a weird alarm they had on a chair beside the bed, it projected the time with laser on the roof and not only on the screen so that was a cool thing to look at.

The Bathroom

We had some small trolls on the top of the mirror one with pink hair and one with green. I do not know how I remember so many details of some trolls on the top of the mirror.

I had bath toys in the bathtub whenever I was there, and I often sat there until the bath water got cold. But it was really fun to play with those toys so that is a cool memory.

Here is a short video of a walkthrough of the apartment.

28 Jan – 2022 Marina di Ragusa, Italia

Aloe Vera

Plant info

Aloe Vera is quite a unique plant. It’s used for skin creams and it can treat sun burns and many other useful things. I newly discovered that Aloe Vera can have flowers which is quite interesting, here is a picture with and without a flower.

The plant originates from Arabian peninsula but it’s an invasive species in other countries. The plant is quite expensive I saw someone selling it for 149€, and that’s a lot for being a plant. I’m sure whoever is reading this can find a better price if they are wanting the plant for some sort of reason.

Gel extraction process

If you live in a country with this plant in you’re backyard and want to extract the gel then you can find a youtube video or keep on reading. First you must choose a leaf without any damage and make sure the leaf is not pale. Cut off the bottom of the leaf, and then cut off all the strange spikes.

Cut off the bottom of the leaf, and then cut off all the strange spikes. First you cut away a lot of the top part of the leaf, then cut it into manageable chunks.

There are two ways to extract the gel from the parts you cut out; A: cut off the skin on the top of the chunks then scrape the gel out with a spoon,

B: cut off the skin on both sides until you only have the gel and put the gel in the blender and after that then you’re done.

More info on the use of Aloe Vera.

8 – 11 2021 Norge, Sverige, Italia

8 Desember

Denne dagen var rolig, vi sto opp tidlig og startet å kjøre til Fjordline ferja til Strømstad. Når vi kom fram så tok det liten tid å komme seg inn og finne en plass å hvile. Etter jeg hadde sovnet en liten stund så våknet jeg av at tante og Terje ville gå opp på dekk å ta en sigarett. Jeg sto å passet på tingene våre til de kom tilbake.

Etter å ha drukket kakao med krem en stund, så var vi framme i Sverige. Og når vi hadde kommet til Strømstad så skulle vi møte pappa og Åse på cafe Kaffedoppet.


Med en gang jeg kom fram til døra på Kaffedoppet så møtte pappa meg ved døra og ga meg en veldig ordentlig bjørneklem og ristet meg så hardt at tennene nesten falt ut.


Etter det så gikk pappa og jeg å fant masse kaker som vi valgte ut til alle sammen🍰. Alle sammen satt og pratet om masse forskjellige ting og etter en stund så var vi ferdige og da gikk vi ned til bilene og gjorde oss klare til å kjøre til Åses mamma.

Djevel lærerens mamma!

Djevel læreren 🤭

Kjøreturen var lang, men når vi kom fram så ble vi møtt med masse bjeff fra hunden Tora. Så kom vi inn i huset til Åses mamma, vi puttet alle tingene våre på soverommene som var valgt ut til oss.

Etter en stund av voksen prat imens jeg leker med Tora og masse matlaging fra Åses mamma og Åse, så var det endelig mat og det var det beste kjøtt jeg liker, og det er biff! Biffen var medium stekt og det smakte kjempegodt🥩 og etter sjokoladekaken så gikk jeg opp på rommet og så på iPad.

Dato desember 9 2021

Jeg våknet opp til en fin dag og gikk ned til første etasje til alle sammen, og etter frokost bordet var dekket på så vet det masse godt å velge imellom. Etter frokosten så lekte jeg med Tora og koste med katten, etter det så spilte jeg på iPaden en stund. Senere på dagen så var det god middag og vi koste oss resten av kvelden inne.



Dato desember 10 2021

I dag skal vi ta bussen til Gøteborg og ligge på hotell. Da vi kom fram til Gøteborg så ble jeg nesten kjørt over av trikken, men Åse reddet meg i siste sekund.


Da vi kom til hotellet så var det problemer med rommene våre, så etter å ha fikset det så gikk vi å fika kaffe og småkaker på hotellet. Senere så var det middag og da ble det nesten en katastrofe!

Mens pappa, Åse og jeg satt å spiste så ble pappa plutselig litt rar i ansiktet. Pappa prøvde å drikke litt øl, men så sa han at han måtte på toalettet, men så begynte han å hoste når han hadde gått tre skritt bort fra bordet.

Muslimens vei

Pappa hadde svelget en for stor bit av svinekjøttet han spiste og fikk ikke puste. Etter en kort rednings aksjon fra Åse og flere andre fikk vi tilslutt opp kjøttbiten. Pappa gikk opp på rommet og undret om han skulle bli muslim. Etter denne ulykkesdagen så gikk vi på rommene våre og tilslutt sovnet vi.

Typisk fly!

Dato desember 11 2021

I dag skal vi fly til Italia, og denne dagen skulle bli nesten like vanskelig som i går. Når vi skulle gå til check-in stedet så var det en superlang kø og når vi var ferdige så var det bare 15 minutter til flyet skulle gå.

Men først skulle vi igjennom sikkerhets kontrollen, og der var det en enda lengre kø så vi begynte å bli veldig sene til flyet. Pappa og jeg måtte snike oss i køen, og når vi tok tingene våre gjennom sikkerhets kontrollen så var det noe feil med bagen min. Og da måtte vi vente på det også.

Kø 2

Akkurat i tide

Og siden det var bare en person i sikkerhetskontrollen som så gjennom sånne ting som måtte sjekkes på nytt, så ble pappa og jeg enda senere siden det var en dame foran oss som hadde masse sminke som hun ikke hadde tatt ut av vesken sin. Så ble pappa og jeg veldig sen til flyet.

Når det endelig var vår tur og pappa hele tiden undret og spurte meg desperat om hva jeg hadde oppi bagen som sikkerhets kontrollen hadde sett og jeg sa at jeg ikke viste. Etter sikkerhets kontrollen hadde skannet bagen min en gang til så var det faktisk ikke noe feil med den.

Nothing to see here…

Nå var det bare fem minutter til flyet lettet….

Vi måtte løpe som bare det for å rekke flyet, og vi kom akkurat i det de skulle lukke døren. Nå kunne vi slitne og tørste sette oss ned og koste oss.



Etter flyet i Amsterdam ble litt forsinka så kom vi endelig frem til Italia og til buss stasjonen.

Vi måtte vente en stund men så kom endelig bussen, og etter en lang og trang buss tur senere så kom vi fra til der vi skulle bytte buss.

Bussen vi skulle ta videre hadde allerede gått fordi den bussen vi var på var 10 minutter for sen! Så vi bestemte oss for å ta en taxi hjem, og når vi kom hjem så hvilte vi.

2 dager senere…

Jeg sitter her og blir sliten bare av å skrive dette, men 2 dager senere da vi hadde kommet til båten så hadde Åse falt på isen å slått albuen….

To be continued.

Videre til side 2